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Mr. Awais Azam


  • Department of Computer Science
  • (041) 111-128-128-199


Mr. Awais Azam is currently serving as Lecturer in FAST-CFD. He received the BS(CS) degree from FAST-NU CFD, Pakistan, in 2016, and MS(CS) degree, from FAST-NU CFD, in 2020. After doing BS(CS) he joined industry and worked as a Senior Full Stack Web Developer. He has one and a half years of industry experience as team lead in web development where he worked on diverse projects for international clients. During the job he was enrolled in MS(CS) and transferred his focus to research. During his MS(CS) he has published three conference papers in top conferences like ICET, FIT and ICCIS and one journal paper in KJCIS. He also won best paper award in ICCIS 2019.



National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, CFD
MS, Computer Science


National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, CFD
BS, Computer Science


  • Azam, K. A. Alam and A. Umair, “Spreadsheet Smells: A Systematic Mapping Study,” 2019 International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT), Islamabad, Pakistan, 2019, pp. 345-3455.
  • Azam, K. A. Alam and H. Ali, “Version Detection in Spreadsheets Based on Headers Similarity,” 2019 15th International Conference on Emerging Technologies (ICET), Peshawar, Pakistan, 2019, pp. 1-6.
  • Azam, A. and Alam, K. (2020). Spreadsheet Based Software Engineering. [online] Available at:
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