Map View

Graphical Map View

A graphical map view is available to analyze and better understand and identify the environmental and climatic factors which affect the spread of dengue, malaria and leshmaniasis diseases

Auto Suggestions

Automaic Suggestions Feature

This automated features allows the user to enter keywords regarding locaiton and auto suggestions play their role and user can select from the suggested fields.

Malaria vs Leishmaniasis Risk Map

Malaria Risk Map

Leishmaniasis Risk Map

Malaria vs Leishmaniasis in Panjgur

Panjgur Malaria Risk Map

Panjgur Leishmaniasis Risk Map

Dangue vs Malaria Polygons Layer

Lahore Dangue Polygons Layer

Karachi Malaria Polygons Layer

Dangue vs Leishmaniasis Circles Layer

Faisalabad Dangue Circles Layer

Pakpattan Leishmaniasis Circles Layer